2021.12.02-04, Braga (Portugalija)

NeoArch Hands-On Patient Course

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About the course

Hands-On course: With actual patients where participants perform, implant surgery with immediate loading. Full arch rehabilitation with only four implants two axial implants tilted up to 45° in the posterior and a fixed bridge for patients meeting the immediate loading criteria.

Review the scientific basis: Complete implant supported rehabilitation and the NeoArch concept. Allow participants to apply the surgical and restorative skills in a hands-on workshop on actual patients.

Focus on the clinical and laboratory aspects: Biological, funcional and aesthetic parameters in immediate loading of full arch implant supported rehabilitations.
Up to 12 participants will perform 6 surgeries (groups of 2).


11.30 - Flight from Vilnius to Porto

12.01 - Free day

12.02-04 - Course

12.05 - Flight from Porto to Vilnius


Day 1 - Lecture

In the Morning

  • Biomechanical Basis and Clinical Validations for NeoArch Treatment Concept;
  • Concepts and indications of NeoArch: How? When? Why?
  • Benefits of tilted implants;
  • Treatment protocols for mandible and maxilla;
  • Advantages of the NeoArch treatment concept for patients and the dental practice;
  • Evidence based protocols to manage straightforward advanced and complex case types;
  • Clinical cases of edentulous, atrophic jaws and failing dentition;

In the afternoon

  • Implant placement in 3D printed models for treatment planning according to NeoArch Concept;
  • Multi-unit abutment selection, splinting and impressions;
  • Protocols for immediate loading;
  • Treatment protocols for mandible and maxilla;
  • Analysis, planning and discussion of surgeries to be performed based on photographs, articulated models and 3D CT Scans;

Day 2 and 3 - Hands - On Practice on Patiens

  • Surgical treatment (surgeries) performed by the participants under supervision




Headshot pedro rodrigues black and white 375x375 v2

Main lecturer Dr. Pedro Rodriques

Pedro Rodriques graduated in 2002 and earned a master degree in oral rehabilitation in 2010. Additionally, Pedro spent four years working in Dr. Paulo Malo (inventor of All-On-Four technique) clinic in Porto. Since 2010, Pedro is giving international courses, with live surgeries and training in implantology. Pedro has treated more than +1000 cases with the all on four concept and he developed a special concept that provides immediate loading in only three hours with high esthetics. 

Dr. Jorge Andre Cardoso

Guest speaker Dr. Jorge Andre Cardoso

After grauating in dentistry from Faculdade de Medicina Dentaria da Universidade do Porto pursued the Master in prosthodontics. He is clinical Director of ORA Clinic in Portugal, Honorary Clinic Teacher at Kings' College Londo, author of several sciantific articles in referee journals, lecturer in Esthetic, Restorative and Interdisciplinary Dentistry inm several private courses and events.

Dr. Jorge Andre Cardoso


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